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Get Better Viewing with Daytime LEDs & Invisible Night Vision

With ever-increasing needs for bird watching or getting close to nature, technology has been developed and applied to help nature lovers or bird watchers get handy ways to remotely view clear video of birds or wildlife on their smartphones, or tablets or PC, and TV as well. Bird box cameras, bird feeder cameras, or some other digital cameras are opted and used widely these days. For an effective viewing and wonderful experience, the image quality of the camera matters greatly. Today, we are going to tell you how daytime LEDs and invisible night vision help improve image quality, especially when under low light conditions.

Regarding the camera, it is known that image quality largely depends on the resolution. Generally, higher resolution means sharper image quality. For example, the 3MP IP camera is far clearer than the 700TVL analog camera. Now, we only talking about situations focusing on the same camera with a fixed resolution. So apart from resolution, what factor probably affects the image quality of the camera? Actually, the light adopted by the camera is also of dramatic significance.

And the installers or users should aware that a worse blurry image will be captured when if under low light conditions. The camera is some kind of electronic supposed to work with light, when if more light is available for the camera to make use, then a better video or still image is produced. Moreover, with a deficient light source, details can’t be viewed by human’s naked eyes. In this situation, we need to find ways to obtain sustained HD clear image even under low light situations. Below list of some existing low light conditions that result in bad image quality.

Dark Night-The obvious low light condition is when the sun goes down completely and turns to dark night. We know that without the assistance of light, humans can hardly see anything with naked eyes.

Gloomy Weathers-Occasionally encounter gloomy weathers like cloudy, rainy, or storms that potentially generate low light conditions affecting bird watching or wildlife watching with a camera. Less light source is obtained for the reason the sun is hidden by the thick cloud.

Dawn and Dusk-During the daytime, sunlight is the main light source for the camera, and dawn and dusk are the two awkward periods as the former is the time before the sun rises and the latter is the time after the sun goes down. And apparently, these two periods belong to low light conditions hence little sunlight is gained.

Nest Box Watching-Undoubtedly, when the monitoring environment is relatively closed, like birdhouses, hedgehog houses, wood duck boxes, etc, less sunlight or other light sources can be shined into. Thus for these applications, getting more light sources is the basic to get better image quality.

Let’s get back to the point, to meet the demands for better viewing under low light conditions, Green backyard engaged numerous efforts and eventually launched the ultimate version outdoor mini digital camera that is perfect to fit birdhouses, bird feeders or other similar nest places required an improved image quality despite low light conditions. Two main functions show its utility, namely invisible night vision and controllable daytime LEDs.

Invisible Night Vision

Night vision, as a matter of fact, isn’t really a new concept with regard to security camera video surveillance, which is universally adopted and to ensure 24/7 continuous monitoring. Night vision allows objects to be viewed or captured clearly with shape and details. And this technology is available when using mini box cameras to watch birds or wildlife.  

All the Green Backyard mini box cameras designed for bird boxes, bird feeders, or other nest boxes watching support invisible night vision, which unlike commonly used security cameras with night vision, these cameras equips with 940nm infrared(IR) LEDs for illumination and server bird-friendly night vision, because only a dim red light will be omitted that won’t spook birds or wildlife, or disturb their natural sleep cycles if the night vision is turned on automatically in a sudden once dark night is detected. In this way, the nighttime activities of birds or wildlife with interest can be explored and enjoyed by nature lovers, clear black and white image is able to be viewed by them on mobile devices remotely.

Controllable Daytime LEDs

As mentioned previously, cameras need sufficient light to work and produce better images or videos, that being said, if more light is supplied around the camera, the better result is received. And in the light of this thinking, Green Backyard worked out a solution to solve the low light issue with the newly-made mini box camera. This camera offers controllable daytime LEDs, which means the users can choose to turn on the daytime LEDs to get more light for the camera for dawn or dusk viewing or when experiencing gloomy weather, especially when the high-quality image is demanded.

The daytime LEDs are less dazzling and offending to birds’ or wildlife’s eyes, and with correct operation with the included tool, the brightness is determined by the installers themself meeting various illumination needs. Additionally, the daytime LEDs support a remote control function, so it is able to turn on or off only with one tap on the app with the smartphone remotely and conveniently. For bird-friendly, the daytime LEDs can be only used during the daytime as a compensate light source under low light conditions. But when it is applied at nighttime, a colored image of the nighttime activities can be viewed.  

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