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New WiFi Technology Lights the Way for Backyard Birding

Xtreme WiFi is a revolutionary technology that breaks the limits of the average WiFi network to make remote bird watching and wildlife observation easier.

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Easily find the answer for your doubts or concerns in our FAQ portal before the final purchase.

Q: Is this camera waterproof / weather proof?

A: Nearly all of our bird box cameras are waterproof, except Wireless Bird Box Camera (# 4901-18) and IP Bird Box camera (#4901), which need extra protection in outdoor deployment. Our newest outdoor bird box cameras (launched in Oct. 2021) are specially designed for outdoor use. Housed in a watertight casing rated IP66, they can survive all imaginable weather conditions and eliminate water ingress to the greatest extent.

Q: What’s the difference between your wireless & wired cameras?

A: The difference between our wireless and WiFi cameras lies in how they communicate and transmit the data, not how a camera is powered since all cameras need some sort of power supply. The wireless cameras can directly stream the video to your router over WiFi, which allows you to watching nesting birds on your smartphone, tablet and PC, while the wired cameras often transmit the data through a network/coaxial/HDMI cable.

Q: Can I watch this bird box camera on a smartphone or tablet?

A: Depending on what type of camera you have. If it’s an IP-based camera in which the video/audio signals can be transmitted via the Ethernet cable or over WiFi, then you can watch live/recorded directly on your smartphone, tablet and PC using the iCSee app or PC software. If it’s an analog or HDMI camera, then you can only watch live feeds on your TV or other HDMI monitors.

Q: Can it be powered by a rechargeable battery?

A: Yes, our bird box cameras can work with a 12V rechargeable/motorcycle battery, such as Lead Acid Motorcycle battery, Nickle Cadmium Motorcycle battery and Lithium Lon Motorcycle battery. But they are only compatible with batteries that have a maximum voltage of 12V. Beware anything above this threshold-12V will cause a short-circuit or electrical shock.

Q:Do I need power for the wifi bird box camera?

A:Yes, you always need the power for any bird box camera, no matter wifi or wireless bird box camera. We don’t recommend you use the battery solution, change the battery could force the bird leave the bird box. It is illegal to tap the bird box if there’s bird inside in UK. The WIFI bird box camera eliminates wiring the cable back to your home network. You can get DC12V power outside such as the backyard.

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