Hook up birdhouse camera to WiFi

There are several ways to hook up the birdhouse camera to WiFi network. We have made video for some of the most typical one. This will allow you to view your camera from anywhere in the world that has a network connection.

The first one is the classic way. You will be guided to connect the camera’s internal WiFi and forward the router’s ID and WiFi password to your camera. It is important you have fill in the absolutely correct information. Both router’s ID and WiFi password are case sensitivity. Some of mobile phone will switch the connection back to your home WiFi automatically because there no internet on your mobile phone after you hook it up to the camera access point. If that happens, the mobile phone need to be reconnected to the camera’s internal WiFi again. The 3G mobile data and Bluetooth have to be turned off as well just like the video shows below.



The second way doesn’t need to connect the camera’s internal WiFi. Oppositely you need to disable camera’s internal WiFi, so you can install your own WiFi. The first thing to do is to reset the camera. Then go to the network setting of the mobile phone. If the mobile phone still detect the camera’s internal WiFi, depress reset button three time to disable the camera’s internal WiFi. Otherwise you are good to move ahead.

The iCSee pro may ask for some permissions from your mobile phone while installing, so it can conduct the above WiFi search. If you refuse to grant all permission. The iCSee pro may can’t hook up the camera to your WiFi network. For example, the WiFi search is binding to the GPS function in android system. We recommend you grand enough permission to iCSee Pro and you can turn it off after you have hook up the camera successfully. The below video show how to install iCSee Pro application.

We understand sometimes technology evolving could make people getting confusing. If the below information doesn’t help your case, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will look for another way to assist you. Hope you enjoy the spying the birds on your nest box.