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How to improve camera’s depth of field in birdhouse

Usually the depth of birdhouse is less than 40cm which has present the challenge to the bird box camera even the camera has great depth of field. The camera’s focus become very sensitivity once the shooting distance is less than 50cm. The focus is preset and the lens has been designed to be adjustable. It is strongly recommended you set the focus before mounting up bird box camera. You’d better do not touch the lens, fingerprint on the glass could make the image blurry.

1. First, use the mobile phone to connect the birdhouse camera, so you can have live video when you adjust the lens.

2. Next, twist the lens together with the ring reversely to release the lens.

3. Now twist the lens with small step, see whether the image become more clear or not. Repeat until the image reaches the optimized focus. If image becomes blurry, twist the lens to the opposite direction.


You can twist the lens back and forth a little bit to locate the optimized focus position.The lens focusing need to be worked on the installed distance. The focus will switch very quickly when it is less than 0.5 meters.

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