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How to Configure the WIFI Wildlife Camera Uploading the Video or Snapshot to FTP Server

This article covers the basic information to configure the wildlife camera uploading the video or snapshot to a FTP server. Before you run the setting, you should have FTP server ready. The SOHO storage device such as NAS normally provides built-in FTP server. The wildlife camera should be motion detection recording enable. It only can upload the snapshot or video to FTP server when motion is picked up. The wildlife camera can’t keep uploading the snapshot or video continuously. You can keep long-term recording to your computer with our PC software.

1. Install and login our free PC software

2. In the ‘Live’ Screen, Right Click the device name, select ‘Config’

3. Click ‘Video Detect’ from Alarm Config

4. Enable the “FTP” click OK to save

5. Enter ‘Network’ in the Config page

6. Click the FTP Setting, Fill in the FTP IP address, username and password. Click OK to save.

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