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How to connect bird box camera to WiFi network by using the android phone

The following instruction is wrote for android phone only. The apple iOS system doesn’t allow mobile application to use Wi-Fi search. You will need to input your home WiFi SSID manually on step 4th.

1. First, go to the Wi-Fi settings on your mobile phone. Here in “choose a network” you should see a network by the name of beye_*** or IPC_***. This is the internal Wi-Fi network for the camera. If you didn’t see the camera’s internal Wi-Fi. Reset the camera back to factory settings by depressing the reset button continuously for 15 seconds then let up. Wait for around 2 minutes, the camera’s WiFi should appear in this list.

2. Now go to the app. You are ready to add the camera to your Wi-Fi network. Click on “I know” and then click on the “+” sign on the next screen in the upper right hand corner. Next click “More” in the upper right hand corner.
(Important: Turn off 3G/4G mobile data and bluetooth on your phone, we discover some mobile phone will jam camera’s network connecting when mobile data is on)

3. The hidden option will appear. Now choose “Add My Device (AP mode)”. In the next screen Click “Next step”.

4. In the new screen, your camera’s internal Wi-Fi should appear in the list. Now tap the camera’s Wi-Fi. Your mobile phone will connect to camera’s Wi-Fi network. Important: if you see error message pop up, please turn of 3G/4G data and bluetooth of your mobile phone and try it again.

5. In the next screen, you should see your home Wi-Fi already entered.

6. If you want to change home WiFi you want the camera to work with, tap the arrow next to your home Wi-Fi. In the new screen, The available Wi-Fi will appear as below image. Choose one of your home Wi-Fi for the camera to connect to.

7. Now input the password of the home Wi-Fi. Press “Confirm”. You are now taken to the next screen labeled “Device Searching”. Now your camera is searching for your home wifi connection. GIVE IT TIME. It may take several seconds.

8. In the next screen, you will be promoted with interface for creating new password for the camera. Remember this is the new password for your camera. You may need this password to connect the camera to PC software. In the next screen, give a new name to your camera.

9.  Now return to the Smart Device. The camera will appear “Online”. Click the camera, you can enjoy beautiful HD colored video!

However, if the radar counts down to zero without new screen for password, you will need to reset the camera. To do this, press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds on the camera. Then you repeat the above process from first step. If you are using dual band 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz Wi-Fi router. However, it is worth to test 5.8Ghz Wi-Fi on step 6th if the 2.4Ghz doesn’t work out.

Or you can see the video below.

How to connect bird box camera to WiFi network by using the android phone.

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  1. Thank you for your prompt attention. I should have mentioned I have an Iphone 6s. If the instructions are different from what you sent for an android please forward the Iphone instructions.

    1. The instruction for iphone has been sent you by email.

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