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How to connect the WiFi bird box camera without involving your home network

The Wi-Fi bird box camera will create a small access point which allow mobile phone or tablet to access. If there is no internet available in scene. You can connect the camera’s access point directly to watch the live video. However once your bird box camera has been connected to your Wi-Fi network, the access point will disappear. Press and hold the reset button, the bird box camera will reboot and return to the AP mode. We don’t recommend you use bird box camera access point unless there is no other option.

1. Connect the bird box camera’s Wi-Fi access point.

NOTE: When the camera is powered up, it generates a small Wi-Fi access point. The name should appear beye_*** or IPC_***. The  default password is 1234567890.

2. Login iCSee app. Tap “Local Login”. After you login,

3. Tap icon + on the top-right screen.

4. Tap “More” on the top-right screen

5. Select the last option “AP mode”

6. Tap “Direct AP connection”, You should see the live video. For android phone: Choose the Access point of camera from the list

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