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How to download bird box camera’s recording files

The bird box camera will start recording automatically after SD card is installed successfully. There is no need to remove the micro SD card from birdhouse camera in order to retrieve the recording files. You can always watch it online, Or download the video recording files from your bird box camera. You can even change the recording setting to record only the camera that detects the motion in the nest box.

1. In the live video, tap the “Local Record” .

2. Now tap the video, in the new screen, you should see the recording files bar with screenshot preview. Tap one of the screenshot to view the recording files.

3. Next, you can tap the calendar on the top right hand corner to select the other date.

Note: the camera requires correct time setting to save files, otherwise you have to choose the date from calendar to locate the recording files. Sync the correct time with your mobile phone is to avoid this issue.

4. In the bottom left hand corner, there are “Alarm” and “Regular” option. Choose “Alarm” option will only present the recording files with motion activated alarm.

5. Now press one of the screenshot preview for a few seconds, download button will appear in the bottom screen. Next, tap one of the screen preview to select the download files. Tap the download button, the app will start downloading the files from the camera to your mobile app.

6. Now tap the arrow icon top left hand corner to return to device list.

7. Next tap the “Mobile Storage” on the bottom to view the saving files.

8. Now, tap the “Save” icon on top right hand corner, you can select the files you would like to import to mobile phone.

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