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How to improve the brightness of the birdhouse camera

Your picture quality depends on the light condition in the scene. The camera works similar as human eyes. If it is too dark, we barely see nothing. There are two ways to improve the colour images from your camera. Perspex Window and software improvement. You can take both paths to get the best colour image. We will discuss the software improvement in this section.

1. In the live viewing, right click the camera name.

2. Select “Config”

3. Choose Camera Param

4. Click the option next to “Slow shutter” and select Strong

5. Change the value of the AE Reference to smaller value.

NOTE: You may not see the brightness change if there is sufficient in the scene. There is threshold for setting. The setting only go in effect when the lighting is low than the threshold.

6. Turn on Wide dynamic if contrast is serious.

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