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How to install CCTV video software in Mac OS (Beta)

Currently we have release beta Mac OS software, you may test the software with your bird camera. We don’t guarantee the software will work perfectly with your Mac OS. With following instruction, you will download and install the software manually. It is not available in the Mac Store.

1. Download the software to your Mac with below link.

2. Drag the VMS icon into your application folder

3. Got the application interface

4. Double click the VMS icon in the application. A new interface pops up.

NOTE: Drag the VMS icon to the desktop can create a shortcut for future access.

5. Fill in the username and password. The default username and password both are “admin”.

NOTE: This is the account information for the VMS software, not the camera.

6. Click OK to login.

7. Choose the Device Manager in the main console.

8. Select the IP camera from left side.

NOTE: The software can discover the ip camera automatically after it is connected to your network successfully.

9. Click Add to connect the camera.

10. Return main console, Choose Monitor.

11. Click the camera on the device list to watch the live.

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