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How to Install Macro SD Card to Your WIFI Bird Box Camera

This article covers the basic instruction to install Macro SD card to your WIFI bird box camera. The WIFI bird box camera can support up to 128G TF memory card. Above class 8 TF memory card is recommend. The wifi bird box camera will be recycling record from the beginning once the space is full. Dis-connect the bird box camera before you insert a new Macro SD card. You never need to take off the Macro SD card to watch the video. You can watch the recording video on the bird box camera over mobile phone.

1. Insert the Macro SD card to card slot on WIFI bird box camera.

3. Use the sticker to cover the surface.

3. Power up the camera

4. Login the app, Click the setting icon on right-top

4. Click “storage management” to check the SD card memory space in the bird box camera

NOTE: Click ‘Stop’ will disable the recycling record

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