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How to install PC software to watch birdhouse camera

Before watching birdhouse live video, you will need to install our free PC software. If you are using bird box camera with WiFi connectivity, connect the camera to your WiFi network before you try to watch it on PC computer. The antivirus software may block the connection between the PC software and the IP birdhouse camera. You may need to add the CMS5 to white list of your antivirus software if the PC software doesn’t discover your online camera.

1.First, download and install the PC software with below URL.

2. Next, right click the zip files and select “Extract All…” to unzip the file.

3. Now, right click the files and choose “Run as administrator.

4.In the pop up screen, choose “Yes”, so the software can be installed in your windows 10.

5. If “Windows protected your PC” pop up, click “More info” to process the installation.

6.Next, find the icon VMS on the desktop, again right click the icon, choose “Run as administrator”. A login screen pop up. Username and password is pre-filled in as “admin.

7. Once you have log into the camera successful, the VMS software will try to discover the IP devices in the local network within the same router.

8. Now you expect to see the camera live video in just a few seconds.

9. You see the camera listed on the left, but there is no live video. Please go to the Device manager page next to Live video. If you see the “connect” status is invalid password. You will need to input the password you have saved to the camera. Click the pen icon, it will bring you the connection interface to input the camera’s password.

Add the camera Manually.

If the software can’t discover the IP camera online, you may try to need to manually add the camera to software.

1.In the Deivce manager page, click the “Manual Add” icon on the bottom left corner. A connection interference will pop up.

2.You can choose either connecting by using the local IP address or camera’s Cloud ID at the login type. If you use the IP address, please make sure port =34567. The cloud ID requires the camera is with internet accessing.

3.In some special situation, the wire PoE IP nest box camera may can’t obtain the correct IP address from your local network (DHCP server). You will be unable to view the camera until it receive the correct IP address. You can keep the camera online for over hours, The camera will try to obtain the IP address again. If it still fails to receive the correct IP address, You can mark the “In order to login device, modify IP address”before you add the camera to the software. The software will change the camera’s IP address automatically.

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  1. was blocked by chrome. working now!

  2. Dear,
    i have been working for one hour now to get my camera working on win10 (app is working ok)
    I do not see the stap nr. 9 as shown above if I try to add a group manually it stays on not connected, while I can see the images of the camera on the app, so it is working.
    I dont know what to do.

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