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How to install wifi bird box camera

The WiFi bird box camera allows to use your WiFi network, so you don’t need to wire Ethernet cable back to the switch. However, the camera still needs DC power. The DC power cable will be sent to the closed outlet where the DC power adaptor plug in.

1. Connect the one end of DC extended able to WiFi birdhouse camera.

2. Connect another end male terminate with the DC12V power adaptor.

3. Plug the adaptor to outlet.

NOTE: The camera will take around 2 minutes to boot up. When you hear two small tick sound which mean the camera is up successfully.

4. Install iCSee Pro app

5. Connect the camera to your WiFi network.

The WiFi bird box camera accepts DC12V to DC5V input. Use power bank battery to supply the camera if there’s no outlet available in the field. There’s no night vision when the camera work withDC5V power bank battery.


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