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How to install camera in your birdhouse

This article covers the general instructions to install WiFi camera in your birdhouse. The camera has to be hooked up to WiFi network. Unless you use external battery to power the camera, there still needs power source. Only DC extension cable is required for wiring while connecting the camera to WiFi network. You don’t need the cable pass through the wall. Please make sure the WiFi signal is strong in the bird box, you can simply test the WiFi signal by using your mobile phone. Be sure to connect WiFi camera to Wi-Fi BEFORE you mount your camera to wherever you are going to permanently be using your camera.

1. First, connect one end of the DC extension cable to WiFi birdhouse camera.

2. Next, connect the other male terminal end with the DC12V power adaptor and Plug the power adaptor to AC outlet.

3. After a couple seconds, you should hear two small click sounds which mean the camera is boot up successfully.

4. Now Install iCSee app and hook the camera to your WiFi network.

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