How to playback the recording files on the nest box camera through a computer

If you are camera has micro SD card slot, and you have installed a micro SD card, the recording files can be viewed and download over network without taking out the SD card. This can be achieved either by application on mobile phone or PC/Mac software. We will go through how to download the files from nest box camera on Mac software. The Micro SD card is being sold separately in some of the products.

1.In the home page, please find the playback.

2.Choose the location to search the recording files. The default is the edge device (IP camera or recorder).

3.Now, mark the check box in front of the camera that you would like to playback in the list.

4.Next choose the begin time and end time. You only allow to use the time frame within the same day. Click Search you should see the result appear. If you have zero result, you may need to check whether the time is correct.

5.Now click the files to start play the video. Right-click on the video, select “Audio” to hear the voice in the recording files if your camera has a built-in microphone.

6.Click the File on the left, you can choose the files present basing on time frame.