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How to playback the video on birdhouse camera

If there’s micro SD card installed in the camera, you can watch the recording files with iCSee. The video recording is pre-configured. The camera will start recording after the SD card is installed successfully. You also can change the recording setting to record only the camera detect the motion in the scene.

1. In the live video, tap the “Playback” on bottom left screen.

2. Tap the video icon

3. Slider the time bar to watch the recording files.

4. Tap the calendar on the top right screen to select the another date.

NOTE: The machine time has to match the current time in your mobile phone, otherwise you have to choose the date from calendar to find the recording files. Set the correct time for the camera to avoid the mis-match.

5. Tap the scissors to start saving the video clips to your mobile device. Tap it again to save the files.

6. Tap the arrow icon top left screen to return to device list.

7. Tap the “Mobile Storage” on the bottom to view the saving files.

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