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How to power IP bird feeder camera by using Ethernet cable

The Power over Ethernet allows single Ethernet cable to transport both power and data to the bird feeder cameras. It eliminates the AC power outlet close to the camera. The IP bird feeder camera doesn’t have built-in PoE feature, however, you can employ PoE splitter which will separate the power and data to supply the camera. The PoE splitter is not included in the package.

1.Firstly, connect DC12V output of PoE splitter to the camera’s pigtail.

2.Next, connect RJ45 male connector of PoE splitter to the camera’s RJ45 female.

3.Now, use the Ethernet patch cable to link the camera and your PoE NVR or PoE switch.

NOTE: The camera’s indicator should keep blinking while it has been linked to your network successfully.

4.Now install the application and start enjoy the beautiful live video.

If you can’t view the IP bird feeder camera, properly the camera can’t obtain the correct IP address from your router. Here you can change the camera’s IP address by using the software.

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