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How to reset WiFi bird box camera

If you forget the password or you just mess up with the setting, you can always reset the WiFi bird box camera. It will clean up all the setting including the account information, WiFi , camera setting, but it will not erase the recording video in the micro SD card which you have installed. Once the WiFi bird box camera has been reset successfully, it will be no longer connect to your WiFi network anymore. The camera will return to AP mode, showing internal WiFi name as beye_***.  With iCSee pro, you can connect the camera back to your WiFi network or access the camera access point directly.

1. Firstly, power up the camera and wait for around two minutes until you hear two small click sounds which means camera has boot up successfully.

2. Next, Find the reset button at the pigtail of the camera

3. Now Use the tip of pen or screw driver to press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds, and release.

4. Wait for another two minutes, the camera can complete the reboot. The reset is completed.

5. Now go to the WiFi setting of your mobile phone, the camera’s internal WiFi should turn up name as beye_** or IPC_**. If the “beye_*** or IPC_***” network is not on the list, locate the reset button on the power cord again. With a pencil tip or other pointed object you need to depress the white button three times. This activate camera’s internal Wi-Fi network.

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