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How to correct the nest box camera’s time stamp

The IP nest box camera needs correct time to save recording files. The time information will be saved together with video and audio. If the bird box camera’s time is not correct, you will experience issue to find the recording files. The follow instruction will guide you sync the bird box camera’s time with your mobile phone.

The camera needs to have correct time. The recording files are indexed through camera’s time. If the camera’s time is incorrect, you may experience the issue to search the recording files. You can either sync the time with mobile app or computer software.

Sync the time with app.


  1. First, go to iCSee and tap the camera to view the live video.

2.Next tap the settings icon on the top right screen.

3.Now choose “General About Device”.

4. Next, Tap “Device Time”, a new dialog pop up.

5.Tap “Confirm” to sync the camera’s time with your mobile phone.

Sync the time through PC software.

1.Right click the name of the camera in the monitor page.

2.Choose Sync the system time to sync the time with computer.

You also can change the time zone or use the customized NTP service to sync the time online. It requires windows VMS software running.

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