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How to set motion detection recording to PC hard drive

This article covers the basic instruction to record wildlife camera to your PC hard drive with motion detection. The wildlife camera will send a message to the PC software once the motion is picked up from the sense. Then the PC software will start recording the video to your hard drive. You will need to install our free PC software and connect your wildlife camera before you can record the video.

1. Click ‘Device Config’ in the ‘Main’ page.

2. Click the ‘Video Detect’ In the ‘Device Config’ page.

3. Check the ‘Enable’ to turn on the motion detection in your wildlife camera. Click ‘OK’ to save.

NOTE: Click the ‘Setting’ next to ‘region’, you can configure the detection area. The blue block is selected area

4.Return to ‘Main’ page, Click the ‘Record plan’

5. Double click the camera’s name to select the camera you would like to record from the Group.

6.Click ‘Disk set’ to choose the hard drive disk and click ‘OK’ to save.

7.Click ‘Time Set’ to configure the recording plan. Choose ‘Record Channel’, Click configure icon ,a new screen will pop up.

8.Configure the time frame such as 0.00.00 to 23.59.59, Check the ‘Motion’, the camera will only record with motion. Click ‘OK’ to save.

NOTE: Check the ‘Normal’, the camera can record the video continuously.

9. Click Start icon ,on the top right to turn on recording plan.

10. Return ‘Main’ page, click ‘playback’ to view the recording files.

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