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How to add new password to bird box camera

The bird box camera can be password protected if you want. This is NOT the password you established for the Green Backyard. The camera doesn’t have a password while you receive it. The app will instruct you to add the new password to the camera when you try to connect the camera to your home WiFi for the first time. If you just forget the camera’s password, you will have to restore the factory setting for the camera. You also can manually add or change the password you saved to the camera.

1. First, go to Green Backyard, and tap the camera to view the live video, then tap the settings icon on the top right screen.

2. Next choose “Password”.

3. Now Input the current password and new password.

4. Next tap “Save” to confirm.

NOTE: You were changing the password for camera, not Green Backyard app.

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