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How to set up timing snapshot to the bird box camera

If your bird box camera has built-in micro SD card, it may support timing snapshot and save to the micro SD card. The minimum duration between two snapshot is 4 seconds. You also can configure the birdhouse camera to send the snapshot to your email or FTP server in timing. This configuration need to be done by using the Internet Explorer. Install the active X plugin before you can access the camera on the browser.

1. First login the camera with Internet Explorer (IE) Browser.

2. Next, go to the “DevicCfg” on the function bar on top.

3. Now in the Setting screen, choose “Image Storage” from the “Record”.

4. Next, check “Interval”, and mark the Checkbox before “Storage”.  Input the duration you would like the camera to capture the snapshot. The duration is between 4 secs to 3600 secs. Then Click “OK” to Save.

5. Now go to the mobile phone, you can view the snapshot on the application.

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