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How to share birdhouse camera to friend or family

You can share your camera to your family or friends. They need to install the same app before they will be able to view the camera. No more than 3 peoples are allowed to connect the camera at the same times. The camera has limited CPU resource, it can’t supply many connection at the same times.

You can share you credential for other’s log into the app. However, if you have saved password to the camera, they will be asked for the camera’s password before can view the camera for first time. Please note this is not the password to log into the camera. It is the password you saved to the camera while you try to connect the camera to your home network.

You also can share the QR code which contain the camera’s ID and the password. The QR code will be expired about 10 minutes later. The below is the instruction to find the QR code.

1.Please tap the setting wheel on the top right screen.

2.Go to the About, Here you can capture the screenshot with the QR code.

Share the camera’s ID.

With camera’s ID, you will be ablet o view the camera through app, PC software and Mac software. The camera’s password is required as well as the camera’s ID.

Tap the copy icon under the QR code, then you can paste the QR code and try to access the camera through software.

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