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How to Take Snapshot and Share them from Bird Box Camera with Mobile App

This article covers the instruction to take snapshot from bird box camera with mobile app and share to your social media such as facebook. You should have facebook account before you try to share the image. With similar operation, you also can share the video clips of your bird box camera to facebook.

1. Tap “Snapshot” icon, the app will grab a snapshot from your bird box camera

NOTE: Choose the “FHD” instead of ‘SD’, the app can catch the high-def image

2. Click the arrow on the left top screen

3. Click “Mobile Storage” icon on the bottom

4. Select the “Pictures” from “Records”

5. Tap the edit icon on the right top screen

6. Select the picture from the gallary

7. Tap the edit icon on the right top screen, tap ‘share’ at the bottom to share on facebook

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