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How to Set birdhouse camera to send push message to mobile phone

The IP or WiFi birdhouse camera can send the push message with snapshot when it detects the change in the scene. It alerts you the best timing to watch the birds in the nest box. People said more than 99% percent of time is boring in the birdhouse. The camera’s motion detection can inform you the moments when the birds are moving. The iCSee or XMEYE need to be installed and login with registered account before you can receive the push message. The notification message can be disabled by slide the button in the app. Following the instruction below, you will turn on bird box camera’s motion detection features with push message function.


This below instruction is suitable for the IP (WiFi) birdhouse camera from Green-Backyard, Gardenature, Oertl, Green-feathers, and Handykam which are using iCSee or XMEYE mobile application. If you prefer XMEYE, please skip to the second section below. Both iCSee and XMEYE are Interchangeable.

iCSee (PRO)

1. First login the iCSee with registered account you established.

2. Next tap the setting icon on top right hand corner.

3. Now choose “Motion Alarm”.

4. Next slide the tab next to “Open Alarm” to show green ON position.

5. Next slide the tab next to “Alarm Push” to show green ON position.

6.Be sure the tab next to “Message Ignore” is grey OFF position.

NOTE: Disable “Message ignore” only turn off the pop-up notification, but iCSee still will receive the alarm message from the camera and save it.

7. Now go to “Notifications” setting of your iPhone. Make sure notification is allowed for iCSee.

Search the history alarm message on iCSee

1.In the device list, tap the arrow icon on top right corner to enter the device list.

2. Now tap the grid view icon on the top right hand corner.

3. In the grid view, tap the “Message” icon under camera’s screenshot.

4. Now choose the date to view the alarm snapshot.


1. First login the XMEYE with registered account you established.

2. Next tap the home icon at the middle of tool bar.

3. Now choose “Alarm Config”. Here slide the “Alarm” tab, “Alarm Record” tab and “Alarm Push” under “Motion detection” to right to turn on detection feature. Next Click “Save” on the top right corner.

4. Now go to notification setting of your iPhone. Make sure notifications is allowed for XMEYE.

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