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How to record birdhouse camera to PC computer

Even you have install micro SD card to birdhouse camera for on-board recording, you still can record the video to your PC software synchronous. The video will be saved as avi format if the bird box camera is set to H.264 compression. Otherwise, the video files will save as H.265 which needs CMS5 player to watch or you can convert the H.265 files to mp4. The birdhouse camera also can upload the video files directly to Synology NAS station without involving external PC computer.


This below instruction is suitable for the IP (WiFi) birdhouse camera from Green-Backyard, Gardenature, Oertl, Green-feathers, and Handykam which are using iCSee or XMEYE mobile application. Both iCSee and XMEYE are interchangeable.

1. First double click the devices list to watch the live video.

2. Now, Click the “record” icon on top right corner of the live image.

3. Next, in the pop up screen, select “Yes” to set a disk for saving video files.

4. Choose one of the disk under “Storage Setting”. The files can be save to net disk. Click “Apply” to save the setting.

5. Now go back to the live and click the “Record” icon again which will turn into blue. The CMS5 start recording the live now. Click the “Record” icon again to stop the recording.

6. Now go to the “Playback” in the main menu.

7. Next, choose the “Local” on the top right corner and choose the “Begin and End time” at the top right bottom.

8. Now click “Search”, the available files will appear on the row.

9. Click “flag” under operation, you can find the video files on your computer.

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