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How to view your bird box camera with free VLC player

The VLC player is free open source software that allows you to view the bird box camera on Mac. You can even record the live video from the birdhouse camera and save it as avi files to your Mac. There are functions such as digital zoom available with the VLC player.

Viewing the Camera

1. Firstly download the software to your Mac with below link.

2. Next, Double click the file to unzip, It will take couple second. In the pop up screen, drag the VLC icon into your application folder, give it a time. It will take another couple seconds.

3. Now go to application folder. Double click the VLC icon in the application. It will take some time to verify. Click “Open” in the pop up screen.

4. In the VLC player, find the “Open Network” under the files. In the next screen, input the following RTSP command URL. Click “OK” the URL will be saved to the playlist.

Example: rtsp:// (BUT – replace the IP address with your camera’s IP address. Click “Open,” the URL will be saved to the playlist.).

Fill the next dialogue box with username “admin” and leave the password blank, unless you assigned a password to your camera. Then Click “OK.”

5. Now OK to watch the live video from the camera.

Recording the live stream to avi.

1.First, go to the playlist and double click the RTSP URL to view the live video.

2.Next find the “open network” under the files and mark the “Stream output”.

3.Now go to the “Settings” next to “Stream output”, choose the file folder, and MPEG4 for Encapsulation Method. Next click “OK” to save.

4.In the next screen, Click “Cancel” to return to the live video, Don’t click “Open”.

5.Now go to the Playback and click the record. Then Click “Record” again, the files will be saved to the folder.

6.Now click the “Open file” under the file and choose the video files to playback.

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