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How to watch birdhouse camera over internet on Mac

The IP birdhouse camera is built basing on IP technology which allow you to access on mobile phone, tablet and computer. With P2P connectivity, you will be able to view the camera on Mac over network without configuration on your home network.

1.In the main page, go to “Device Manager”. In the next screen, wait for a few seconds, The software will discover your camera automatically and listed on the first row.

2.Next Tick the check box in front of the IP address to select the camera you would like to add to the software. Click “Add” button to confirm.

3.Next, your camera’s IP address will appear on the 2nd row. Check the indicator status under “Connect”. If the status display “Connected”. The camera has been added to the CMS5 software successfully.

4.Now click the pen icon under the operation. In the pop up screen, change the “Login type” to “Cloud ID”. You should see the cloud ID appear. Click “OK” to save. Now you will be able to view your birdhouse camera on internet.

If you can’t view the camera remotely after you switch the connection cloud ID, you may need to check whether the camera has correct DNS setting. The P2P technology rely DNS to resolve the domain. If the DNS is wrong, the software may can’t find your camera by using the cloud ID. You also can do the port forwarding if you have static IP address and you can access to your router’s browser.

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