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How to Watch Your Bird Box Camera on PC Computer

This article covers the general instruction to watch your bird box camera on PC computer. You will need to install our free PC software in order to watch your bird box camera. If your product is WIFI bird box camera, Connect the wifi bird box camera to your network before you try to watch it on PC computer.

1. Download and install the PC software with below URL

2. Click the icon to login the software

NOTE: both username & password is “admin”

3. Press “Add Camera”. The software will discover your bird box camera automatically, then add the bird box camera to the PC software

4. Return “Main”, Click “Live”, double click the bird box camera name to watch the live in the device list

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2 thoughts on “How to Watch Your Bird Box Camera on PC Computer

  1. When trying to run the software on my MAC I get the following message:

    You can’t open the application “CMS5_general_logo_PC_en_R5_v2.1.0.exe” because Microsoft Windows applications are not supported on macOS.

    Is there a different version of the software I should be using?

    1. We have beta version software for Mac. You will need to manually install the software to your Mac OS. The below is the instruciton link:

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