Long-Range WiFi Bird Box Camera

Long-Range WiFi Bird Box Camera

Experience the joy of observing birds up close and personal, all from the comfort of your home.

Captivating the Secret Lives of Birds

Ready to take your birdwatching experience to new heights? Introducing the ultimate solution for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike: the long-range WiFi bird box camera! With a 1080P HD resolution and a 120° wide-angle lens, you’ll be able to capture every detail of your feathered friends’ daily routines. But that’s not all, the built-in audio system (with a frequency of 7000hz) allows you to hear every chirp and tweet inside the aviary.

Enjoy a Whopping Range of Up to 250M!

Never fret about weak WiFi signals or being out of range! With a transmission distance of 250 meters (at a clear line of sight), you can now witness every flutter, wing stretch, and chirp in stunning clarity from the comfort of your home. Whether you have a sprawling garden or are simply keen to keep a watchful eye on your nest box afar, this long-range WiFi bird box camera has got you covered!

Built-in Transmitter

No more messy cables or complex installations. Our long-range WiFi bird box camera comes equipped with a built-in transmitter, allowing you to easily transmit live videos straight to your device without any hassle. Moreover, this camera uses its own WiFi frequency, seamlessly integrating with any existing network, be it mesh or 5Ghz.

IP66 Waterproof

Rain or shine, our camera can handle it all! This long-range WiFi bird box camera is IP66 waterproof, so it can withstand the hardest weather conditions, even during heavy downpours! No need to worry about damage caused by rain or high humidity levels; the camera is built to withstand it all, ensuring longevity and durability.

Double the Joy with 2x Bird Cameras

Why settle for just one camera when you can double the excitement? Our receiver can seamlessly connect with not one, but two long-range WiFi bird box cameras to capture multiple angles and bird species simultaneously. Enjoy a bird’s-eye view like never before – Double the footage, double the adventure!

The Official Green Backyard App

Birdwatching has never been so tech-savvy! Using our official Green Backyard app, you can watch live or recorded videos of your avian friends anytime, anywhere. And the best part? It’s completely FREE! You can effortlessly control and access live feeds, recordings, and settings on your phone or tablet.

Built-in 64GB SD Card

Don’t miss out on any precious moments! This long-range WiFi bird box camera comes with a built-in 64GB SD card, allowing you to easily playback the videos via the app without a subscription. The SD card will automatically overwrite when it’s full and can even be configured to record events only. Relive those charming avian encounters anytime you wish, and download the videos to your phone in no time!

Infrared & Daytime LEDs

Whether it’s the dead of night or a bright sunny day, it ensures that you never miss a moment. With infrared LEDs for night vision and daytime LEDs for enhanced clarity, the long-range WiFi bird box camera captures crystal-clear footage even during the darkest hours, ensuring round-the-clock birdwatching. You can even set a timer to turn on daytime LEDs during certain times.

Easy to Install

This long-range WiFi bird box camera is easy to install, making it perfect for both beginners and experts. You can install it in a matter of minutes and start observing birds right away.

Various Power Options!

Power outages or remote locations won’t stop your birdwatching. Whether you’re off the grid or simply want to make your setup eco-friendly, we’ve got you covered. Choose from various power options that suit you best, including 12V DC, battery or solar, ensuring a constant and reliable power supply for uninterrupted streaming.

12V DC




Q: What is the range of the camera?

A: Our long-range bird box camera features a built-in transmitter to send out video/audio signals that can penetrate through thick walls and other obstacles. The maximum range is 200 meters in straight sight between the camera and receiver without any obstacles.

Q: Does this camera work on my home WiFi?

A: The camera doesn’t rely on your home WiFi. The receiver should be connected to your router by using the short patch cord. Technically, it works with any kind of router or mesh network.

Q: Can the camera also record videos on the SD card?

A: This long-range bird box camera support on-board storage. It has 64GB micro SD card is built-in, and it will automatically record the video after you power up the camera.

Q: What mobile devices does the app work with?

A: Support most of Android and iOS mobile devices. Actually, you can test our live bird box camera in official site with your smartphone or tablet.

Q: Can the live video also be viewed outside of your own WiFi home network?

A:Yes. You can view the camera live streaming from anywhere around the world as long as you add you camera to the app successfully and your home wifi network is connected to the Internet.

Q: Q: Can I watch the camera on my computer?

A: Yes, we offer free software CMS5 for you to have a full access to camera, you can watch the birds or record the video on your PC or computer.

Q: Will the camera work on a Mac?

A: While you can’t initially set up the Wi-Fi camera using a Mac, you can download free software for macOS to view the cameras.