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Outdoor Mini Camera Improves System Reliability

Nowadays, more and more nature lovers tend to apply digital cameras to explore observation fun on birds or wildlife or other nature creatures right at homes or on the couches by viewing real-time video on TV or the through mobile devices remotely and conveniently. Green backyard eventually launched the ultimate outdoor version mini box camera for bird watching or multi-purpose applications for various wildlife. Keep reading to know more information and make clear how the outdoor box camera benefits nature watching.

A digital box camera, such as bird box camera, is able to capture clear images and video that eventually is streamed and displayed on TV or mobile devices. This kind of camera has gradually become a universal way to record unexpected actions of adorable or attractive animals that appeal to nature lovers invest time for observing, including birds, hedgehogs, bats, wood duck, squirrels, and so on. However, because of the technology problem and its tiny size, we barely see outdoor bird box cameras available in the market. Fortunately, Green backyard serves a better option for building a more reliable camera system for nature lovers to get close to nature.

For the starter, generally speaking, for bird watching, or wildlife watching, cameras are mainly worked outdoor like backyard, park, forest or habitats, etc. The outdoor environment means a higher potential to suffer from bad weather like rain, storms, lightning which may easily ruin the whole camera system, you know that electronics can be damaged significantly by water and surge. Although for some situations, you probably think that the mini camera is installed inside a birdhouse, bat box, hedgehog house, wood duck box, or other nest boxes, water or moisture ingress issue happen occasionally.

Believer or not, adopting Our Green backyard outdoor mini camera to fit in various types of nest boxes or feeders is definitely a fair solution to help get rid of such a dilemma. Now let get a closer look into the improved outdoor mini camera with great resistance on water.

Green backyard outdoor mini camera is entirely encased in an IP66 waterproof housing, that being said, the camera is capable to be exposed directly under outdoor environment without covers despite the threatening elements of rain and water. If needed, the camera even allows being immersed into the water tank for a short time, which shows its great waterproof capability dramatically. Not to said the camera at most times is placed inside the nest boxes or protected with some covers. It is more recommendable to choose an outdoor waterproof mini box camera if budget is permitted, so as to build a camera system to start wonderful birding or nature observation.

Actually, making the camera completely waterproof is not an easy thing. As a rule of thumb, several parts are more inclined to trigger water ingress problems, such as the lens, the joint of the body and pigtail, and the antenna as well. Our technicians pay extra attention and effort to eliminate the concerns on these sensitive parts. The watertight rubber and sticky are used. Then the microphone is also waterproof type. All paths are sealed, as a result, water or moisture can’t get any chance to cause damage.

In addition, apart from the improvement on the camera itself, the connection part, such as the power adaptor for the WiFi version camera is upgraded to a higher protection level from water. WiFi bird box camera makes use of WiFi signal to transmit video data, but indeed it still requires the main power by plug the adaptor into the AC power outlet. As mentioned earlier, the camera system is generally placed at outdoor, then the power outlet potentially at outdoor, and these power outlet generally equips with a cover, then it is not feasible to use those large size power adaptor, and Green backyard take this factor under consideration and provide an outdoor type power adaptor that can plug into an outdoor power outlet with cover compatibly.

Note: To achieve a higher level of waterproof protection on power, a specially-designed waterproof power adaptor for WiFi camera is available, which enables a direct immersion to the water.

Green backyard outdoor mini camera is designed to build a more reliable camera system for bird boxes, bird feeders, hedgehog houses, wood duck boxes, bat boxes, squirrel boxes or feeders, and other types of nest boxes. Undoubtedly, this advanced outdoor version camera benefits these applications and the users from different aspects.

Peace of Mind

It is completely waterproof that well suited for outdoor applications, once the camera system is set up, great peace of mind is offered thanks to its reliability, with no need to concern whether the camera will be broken suddenly, especially on rainy or stormy days.

Free Placement Locations

Thanks to its waterproof design, you can place the camera at places that you want without considering water ingress damage, so it is not limited to place in the bird box, it can install close to the feeders too. And you know wood duck habitats near lakes, ponds, or other wet places, and now, with Green backyard outdoor mini camera, you can install a camera into the wood duck box freely.

Eliminate Waterproof Protection Hassle

Previously, there is no waterproof bird box camera, some waterproof protection measures are demanded to obtain a more reliable system. By contrast, only install the camera inside the birdhouse or other nest boxes, then a true waterproof camera bird box camera system is done, saving time and hassle to do extra protection.

Reduced Replacement of Camera

In fact, the majority of replacement of camera results from water ingress issue according to our record. Eliminate water ingress from the original effectively is the best method for a less chance to replace broken camera caused by water ingress.

Moreover, throw out the waterproof capability, the mini camera comes with special designs making it a more suitable option rather than the common types of outdoor cameras that are mainly used for security and surveillance. It features a tiny size to fit in most types of nest boxes, and with less notice. Besides, equipped with an adjustable wide-angle lens, it meets different applications vary from monitoring range and installation distance. Additionally, its 940nm infrared LED light offers bird-friendly night vision to capture clear video at dark night but does not disturb the bird’s natural sleep cycle.

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