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How to Set up birdhouse camera’s motion detection area

The birdhouse camera’s motion detection is not accurately as it detects any change between two images. All change such as flash light could trigger the alarm. However, the birdhouse camera’s motion detection still can save lots of memory space and time to review the recording files. You can enable the motion detection by using the application on your mobile phone. This article will show you how to set bird box camera’s motion detection area in order to eliminate some possible false alarm.


This below instruction is suitable for the IP (WiFi) birdhouse camera from Green-Backyard, Gardenature, Oertl, Green-feathers, and Handykam which are using iCSee or XMEYE mobile application. Both iCSee and XMEYE are Interchangeable.

1. First, right click the camera name in the Device list and Select “Config” option.

2. Next Click “Video Detect” from “Alarm Config”.

3. Now Click ‘Setting’ next to “Region”, Disable the areas you don’t want motion checking by the camera. Click “OK” to save.

NOTE: The black block is the unselected area.

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2 thoughts on “How to Set up birdhouse camera’s motion detection area

  1. There is no “Video Detect” Button on this point.
    Just “abnormality”.

    Wie kann ich es einstellen, dass wenn sich etwas bewegt die Kamera ein Video aufnimmt ?

    1. I think you were probably checking the setting of the recorder but not IP camera. You see, the only the IP camara can detect the object and send the message to your recorder. The recorder will try to response. You will need to login your IP camera with the software, you should see the motion detection option.

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