Tips for Placing Your Bird Box

Placing the bird box for attracting birds to nest inside for bird watching is confused lots of beginning bird lovers. If you casually place the bird box in some locations that is only convenient for you to access, you may probably fail to attract the birds to nest in it, because the birds may feel uncomfortable or unsafe enough for them to live for a long time. Here we will provide some tips for you to place the bird box in a right way.

Having a suitable nest box is the premise before you start to place the bird box. There are various types of birdhouses for different birds available on the market, therefore when you choose the birdhouse, you need to consider what type of habitat you live in and what kinds of birds might be apt to use a bird box. Only birds that naturally nest in cavities of trees will use a bird box. For example, nest boxes for bluebirds should be placed in open habitat. Turn to google for getting specific information of bird habitats. After figuring out the type of habitat, you can start choosing or building a birdbouse for specific birds.

Choose a birdhouse that is made of weatherproof matariel, and untreated thick wood (cedar, pine, cypress or redwood) is the best choice for keeping birds heathy and warm. Moreover, rough and grooved interior wall below the entrance hole can help the fledgling birds to climb out the birdhouse more easily. The size and hole dimensions of birdhouse (google Birdhouse Dimension Table) needs to suit for the specific birds that live around your habitat, and do not add the perches on the birdhouse, otherwise the eggs or baby birds may be hurt by the predatory birds or other mammals.

Some bird-friendly designs for enhancing the living environment to birds are of great use for attracting the birds nesting inside the birdhouse and stay long, such as extended and sloped roof for sheding rain and snow, removable roof, floor or panel for easily maintaining and cleaning, drainage holes and ventilation holes for better living environment.

Green backyard’s natural cedar birdhouse can meet all these bird-friendly and user-friendly designs, and also features special designs for bird lovers who are going to mount bird box cameras. For example, the light transmission hole disign can provide adequate light for getting clear recording of the inside bird box.

The timing when to place the bird box should pay attention to. You are required to place the bird box before the breeding season begins. Place it as soon as possible in early spring, by mid-to late-March is ideal. Even if they don’t nest in this spring, they can use it later in summer and ready for the next year. This may take time for birds to locate the bird box, so there is no need to worry.

As to the problem where to place the bird box, you are supposed to think about this issue from the aspects of location, height, climate, safety as well as convenience.

Birdhouse is a private estate, and birds have fiercely territorial, so you should keep the birdhouse away from bird feeders in case the bird’ activities inside are interfered. And try to make the two bird boxes for different birds species not closed to each other, avoiding the birdhouses are occupied. Generally, nest boxes should be placed 50 feet or more apart.

The height for placing the bird box is determined by the birds you want to atrract (google best mounting height for birdhouse). However, it is necessary for you to place the bird box high enough to prevent cats, snakes or other animals in the floor to reach the young inside. At the same time, placing too high doesn’t work too, because you need to clean or maintain the bird box conveniently. What’s more, mounting the bird box in a sheltered and shaded location as far as possible, and do not let the entrance hole face prevailing winds can reduce the harm to the fragile young birds.

No matter where the house is installed, it should be strong and durable enough to prevent it from wobbling or slipping. You should keep in mind that ensuring the safety of birds is the key to get successful bird watching.

Then you may wonder how to place the bird box, in other word, you can use some tools to mount the bird box.

If you want to place it on the tree, attaching your birdhouse with nails or screw may do harm to trees. Using a a nylon bolt, wire or chain to round the tree trunk or branch is more recommended. It should be notes that trees are able to grow up, you’d better check the fixing every two or three years. Tree trucks are easy for most predators to climb. So in addition to trees, standalone metal poles or PVC pipes are better for placing birdhouse. Its design can greatly conduce to protect the bird box from predators, such as cats, snakes, squirrels, and other predators. Because it can place the bird box at high point, and is easy to equip with a predator guard, as well as hard to climb.

Through learning the above tips, you must know what to do for placing a bird box. The ultimate purpose to place a bird box is to watch birds, Green-backyard not only provide high quality birdhouse, but also provides various bird watching cameras that allow you to watch live video of birds on your mobile device remotely.

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