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Test live camera with your smartphone.

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Step 1, Search and download the app onto your mobile. It is “Green-Backyard” in the Apple App Store and “Green-Backyard” in the Google Play.

Step 2, Next go to the app, Choose  under “Quick login” at the bottom. On the next page, Click + button on the top-right screen, then tap the last option “From sharing”.

Step 3, Now you can scan the QR code on left to view the camera.


WiFi BirdBox Camera


Long Range Wireless Bird Camera


2K PoE Birdhouse Camera

* Contact us to watch the bird box camera on windows 11 or Mac

Chestnut-Backed Chickadee Nesting Box Live Stream in Youtube

A chestnut-backed chickadee built the nest in the birdhouse.

Our customer Gray installed our Green-Backyard 4901IP bird box camera to live stream and record various bird activities, including egg laying, hatching, feeding, etc.

See and enjoy what interesting activities was captured.

Video Gallery

Gray Chang utilized our 4901 IP Bird Box Cameras to set up his unique HD camera system to show oak titmouse that nesting in a birdhouse that placed in his back yard with novel stereo 3-D View. You can have a try to see if you can make it.

Gray also use the nest box camera for recording the chestnut-backed chickadee from egg to fledglings in the way of time-lapse, the bird feeding and waste removal were captured with clear details.

Useful video shared by our client. Have no idea how to build a bird house with a bird watching camera system? Start finding some handy tips.

Knut Walluscheck built his bird box camera systems, allowing him or his team to accompany the robin in the bay of Meierwik on the Flensburg Fjord from nest building to the first flight of the young birds.

More Video

Gray shared with other bird lovers his bird box camera system, watch the interesting Chickadee nesting archive that was captured by the 4901 IP bird box camera. You may find the joy of birding using a HD camera.

This video is a creative film to share the wonderful activities of an owlet named Magnolia. It is an especial birding experience share with Chris’s granddaughter, showing the love, the excitement as well as the touching.

This project is running by Erich Obster, which intends to find out what’s going on inside starlings nest box at day and night, and shares with others various bird activities without disturbing the birds. Read more.

Daytime view inside barred owls nest (hollow of river birch tree) & Night vision with sound inside barred owls nest.


WiFi Bird Box Camera Enters the Classroom of School

Jacky Lepeintre Started a lesson project to help students realize life is everywhere in Spring and need us to observe. This study project focus on nest box camera system building to view live birds and record down amazing activities. Placed 5 WiFi bird box cameras in 5 nest boxes, and the observing is continuing.

Birdhouse with WiFi Camera Kit – Unboxing & Example Videos by Professional Reviewer

Professional reviewer Jumble Youtube is known to try new technology, they found our Green Backyard and want to have a test on our birdhouse camera. Below is the quick unboxing video of the WiFi bird box camera and example videos for reference.

Customer Feedback Gallery

Live Camera on Kingfisher House

The “FLUSSCAM BUXTEHUDE” uses several of Green-Backyard cameras for their wildlife project. One of our WiFi bird box cameras monitors a bird box for tits. One of our HD LAN cameras monitors the nest tube of a kingfisher house, and another of our HD LAN cameras has been redesigned and established in one of our wooden bat box. Pascal, the operator of the live broadcast, is very satisfied with our equipment from the beginning and looking forward to wonderful recordings.

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