View live Bird Box Camera on your mobile phone

Step 1, Click the following icon to download the app onto your mobile. It is“iCSee Pro”in the Apple App Store and “iCSee Pro” in the google Play.

Step 2, Now go to the app, login the app by using the username and password below. In a short while, the camera list will show it is “Online”. Tap the camera to watch the live video your mobile phone.

Username:  birdcamlive

Password:  gb123456

Bella The Screech Owl live in Youtube

This is the project running by Mike Schouten. Green-Backyard IP bird box camera works as video feed on left screen. It is streaming to youtube with a program called OBS Studio.


Which cameras can I view in the live demo?

WiFi bird box camera’s Live Feed.

This live stream is produced by wifi bird box camera. 8GB Marco-SD card was installed. You can playback the recorded video on your mobile phone. The video playback from Macro-SD card could be choppy because the bandwidth may be not significant enough to carry the high-def video to your location. The recording video resolution is 1280×960.

Wildlife Camera Watching Bird Feeder

This live stream is produces by wifi wildlife camera. 8GB Marco-SD card was installed. You can have the same operation as WiFi bird box camera’s live feed. The Wildlife camera is installed outdoor, featured with IP66 water resistant.

Control the live camera

1. Switch video quality between high definition resolution and standard resolution.

2. Tap to start saving the video on your mobile phone, tap again to save the video files.

3. Screen Rotation.

4. Playback the recording files on the camera.

5. Take snapshot from the camera.

If you have problem watch the live feed, please find us on facebook or contact us.