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Watch Birds or Wildlife On TV with HDMI Cameras

Bird watching or other wildlife observation is common pastime activity for all ages bird watchers and nature lovers, especially for the senior and students for the reasons that this meaningful activity not only makes them learn more knowledge on birds habits, and brings them great enjoyment and satisfaction. If you are green to bird watching or wildlife observation, setting up a digital box camera for your nest boxes or feeders, like birdhouses, hedgehog houses, bat boxes, wood duck boxes, bat boxes and others is definitely a strong recommendation to start exploring the secret and fun when get close to nature. Because such camera system allows you to view birds or wildlife remotely but closely as well as capture birds’ or wildlife’s activities timely.

In the beginning, bird lovers can only choose the traditional analogue camera to do bird watching, and we here to talk about an advanced bird box camera-HDMI bird box camera, which enables people to watch lovely birds on TV with the sharper video image, so as to look deep into more surprising details and gain unexpected birding experiences.

Above we mentioned the analog bird box camera, it is a kind of camera that used at CCTV system and later applied at bird watching system. The analog camera can be watched on TV directly and record over DVR. Essentially, analog cameras feature intrinsic resolution limits, providing resolutions range from 420p to 700p. In fact, such image quality is quite enough for the era of the 90s, but technology development and people’s requirements on a high definition are kept enhancing, which means such poor-quality image of the analog camera is quite blurry for effective bird watching. Therefore, bird watchers intend to find a camera that offers better image quality, and then Green Backyard has launched the HDMI bird box camera to address this dilemma.

Reading to this, you should have interest in the what is HDMI bird box camera. The camera is an improvement of the traditional analog camera, so it also categorizes as an analog camera, but it is named an AHD camera. AHD stands for Analog High Definition, and it is a new HD surveillance video standard. AHD technology offers high definition video which allows the camera to send an HD signal over a 3-in 1 HDMI cable and display on TV or other DHMI monitors. Moreover, AHD currently supports High Definition 720p,1080p & 4MP, 5MP & 8MP AHD cameras right now. That said, the birdhouse camera that adopts the AHD technology is able to grant bird watchers the possibility to get an extremely high-quality sharp video of birds. I guess this is definitely a great appeal for most bird watchers who chase for an upgrading birdhouse system.

Knowing the concept of the HDMI camera, you may wonder how such a nest box camera works and how to use it to set up your own bird box camera system. The connection mainly relies on the components of the signal converter, HDMI cable, and certainly the HDMI camera itself. It requires to hardwire to the AC outlet or power supply to get power to work. Video, power, and audio are available by utilizing only one cable between the camera and the converter and achieve a neat connection. HDMI cable is also used to connect the converter with the TVs or HDMI/VGA monitors that display live streaming video with vivid audio of the nest boxes for birds or other wildlife.

Green Backyard HDMI cameras equipped with the HDMI converter features with wireless and wired connection, both enables a long range setup for installation flexibility, so you can get your camera installed apart from the main power and network with longer distance, which is well suits for people can’t reach a closed power socket. What’s more, the HDMI nest box camera comes with plug and play installation and there is no extra technical configuration needed, thus the camera is a fair choice for the senior to have one to carry on a DIY project with the least frustration and most convenience.

In the procedure of picking up a suitable HDMI bird box camera for practical bird watching, some factors are supposed to be taken into consideration to avoid the situation that the camera you purchased is a bomb.

Except for the previously mentioned image quality and location of the camera placement, you will need to think of the camera’s field of view, namely the viewing range or covering a range of the camera, which depends on not only the distance but also the lens of the camera. Cameras with an ultra-angle lens are capable of supplying a wider range of the nest box, and this may cover more bird activities that occurred inside the birdhouse. Green backyard HDMI camera utilizes a 2.5 mm ultra-wide-angle lens, this allows you to view more details under 1080p HD or better image quality.

In addition, LED night vision is another crucial factor to consider. It’s known that lots of bird activities may take place at nighttime and if the camera lack night vision function, it would be a pity to access amazing bird watching. The HDMI camera adopts invisible infrared LEDs to give a clear black and white image at the low light conditions with few disturbances to the birds.

For the recording capability, some bird watchers want to keep the video files of various bird activities for study or constantly enjoy, recording function is an important part for them. With the Green Backyard HDMI camera, you just need to add the camera to an existing DVR system directly with simple steps, and a mass of bird video can be recorded and playback.

All in all, you have been covered with basic information on the advanced HDMI bird box camera, if you prefer to watch the bird box on a big screen TV with an easy installation, start your purchase now.

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