Waterproof bird box cameras for birdhouses

Birdhouse Camera HD

Gain a new level of bird-watching experience by installing Green Backyard’s waterproof bird box cameras.

Exclusive Waterproof Bird Box Cameras

Green Backyard launched the exclusive waterproof IP66-rated bird box cameras. Fully waterproof designs are applied, including the lens, and the antenna, protecting the cameras from the damage of ingress of water. They works perfect at outdoor harsh environments, and it would be a superior option for building reliable bird box camera systems.

What our customers are Saying

So cool! – Update (Best Customer Service!)

We wanted several cameras to watch some of our animals on their habitat. I ordered 3 bird box cameras and a DVR (Not from GOLBONG). I initially had some issues, so I called Tech Support. Steve was FANTASTIC, and eventually, we were able to get the cameras up and running. The picture and angle of view are very good for animal observations.
Brandi Smith

Tech support was top notch.

Very good tech support for any questions. Decent Windows based software for viewing video feeds, but the bird box camera also supports key standards. Good design for fitting inside a bird box.
Todd C

Wow just what we needed for our bird house

I love this mini bird box camera. I got to see my Green Cheek Conures in their nest box last year, hatch and raise 5 babies. Not only did it relieve my anxiety being able to check on them on the video app on my phone without disturbing them, it was really cool to see. Thank you so much for this product. 
Dave Tempero