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WiFi birdhouse camera – Work with power bank battery

As WiFi birdhouse camera accepts input voltage from 12V DC to 5V DC, so it can work with power bank for a cable free birdhouse spy system. When the camera work with voltage less than DC10.5V, the infrared will be disable in order to save power. There is no night vision with 5V DC power bank battery. 10000mA power bank battery can supply around 48 hours continuous recording.

1. Connect the one end of DC extended able to WiFi birdhouse camera.

2. Connect the another end to a USB to DC5.5 cable

NOTE: USB to DC5.5 cable is NOT included.

3. Connect USB to the power bank battery.

4. Install iCSee Pro app

5. Connect the camera to your WiFi network.

The solar panel and voltage regular are required if you plan to build the solar panel birdhouse camera system.





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