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How to power WiFi bird box camera with DC12V battery pack

The WiFi bird box camera can be connected to your home WiFi network without involving hard wiring back to home network router. However, the camera still needs DC12V power source. If the power is not the option to the birdhouse, you can employ DC12V power pack to supply the camera. In this case, you will have cable free solution. 10000mA power bank battery can supply around 48 hours continuous recording. However, you may need to re-charge the battery pack regularly. If you can setup the solar panel to charge the battery pack, the camera can be continuous working 24/7. Moreover, the WiFi birdhouse camera has built-in internal WiFi (access point), even the network is not the available, you still can access the camera in the field.

1.First, Connect the one end of DC extended able to WiFi bird box Camera.

2.Next connect the another end to battery pack.

3.Now connect the bird box camera to your WiFi network.

The solar panel and voltage regular are required if you plan to build the solar panel birdhouse camera watching system.

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