Wired Bird Box Camera -PoE Version

Wired Bird Box Camera

Experience the ultimate bird watching experience with our top-of-the-line wired bird box camera today!

PoE Transmission Up to 100 Meters

Experience the convenience of PoE, allowing you to power your bird box camera and transmit data using a single cable! No need for additional power outlets or tangled wires. The camera can even be placed up to 100 meters or 328 feet away, delivering detailed footage right to your screen. You can enjoy uninterrupted video streaming with a robust network connection at all times!

Impeccable Image Quality

Every detail counts when it comes to observing birds in their natural habitat. Our bird box camera boasts an impressive 4MP resolution, capturing crystal-clear visuals at a smooth 20 frames per second. You’ll never miss a single moment as you watch birds go about their daily activities, from feeding their young to building nests.

IP66 Waterproof

Rain or shine, our camera stands tall! This wired bird box camera is IP66 waterproof, so it can withstand the hardest weather conditions, even during heavy downpours! No need to worry about damage caused by rain or high humidity levels; the camera is built to withstand it all, ensuring longevity and durability.

Seamlessly Control via Green Backyard APP

We believe in providing the best user experience for bird watchers. That’s why we’ve developed our very own Green Backyard app. It allows you to view live or recorded footage on your smartphone or tablet and control various functions effortlessly. Take snapshots, adjust motion detection, and customize your recording settings with just a few taps on your smartphone. Real-time alerts will pop up on your phone when a bird visits, ensuring you never miss a moment!

Day & Night Vision

Sometimes the most captivating bird sightings occur at night. Equipped with both infrared and white light LEDs, it can adjust to the light conditions automatically, capturing stunning footage even in the pitch dark. And the best part? You can easily control the lighting setup through our official Green Backyard app and set timers for the lights to mimic natural day-night cycles effortlessly.

512GB SD Card Storage

Worried about running out of storage? Fear not! Our bird box camera supports SD card storage up to a whopping 512GB (SanDisk A1, NOT included), ensuring you never miss a moment of your favorite bird’s activities. But that’s not all. Using our official app, you can easily download the recorded videos to your smartphone – Gone are the days of costly cloud subscriptions!

Third-Party Platforms

We understand that every birdwatcher has their own preferences. That’s why our bird box camera is compatible with third-party platforms such as VLC, Synology, Blue Iris, and Hikvision. Download the OBS Studio, and you can effortlessly set up live streams on YouTube, sharing the wonders of birdwatching with others.

One In 4 Out

Additionally, you can connect up to 4x wired bird box cameras simultaneously using a PoE splitter to capture multiple angles or explore different nests all at once, providing a comprehensive view of various bird species in action.

Install It Wherever You Like!

Observe from different angles by utilizing the versatile mounting options – you can effortlessly capture the nesting birds in a ground-level view, focus on the birdhouse entrance, or even install the camera in different wildlife habitats. The choice is all yours, endless possibilities are waiting for you to discover!


Q: Is this camera waterproof / weather proof?

A: Yes, this outdoor Wired Bird Box Camera is housed in an IP66-rated waterproof casing to withstand any imaginable weather conditions, which gives you more flexibility in positioning the camera.

Q: What is the difference between PoE birdhouse camera and Wi-Fi birdhouse camera?

A: You will need to wire PoE birdhouse camera back to your network router with single Ethernet cable. The PoE (power over Ethernet) allows single cat5e cable to carry both power and network signal. The Wi-Fi birdhouse camera transmits the network using the Wi-Fi connectivity. You don’t need to wire Wi-Fi birdhouse camera back to the network router.

Q: How can I record the bird box camera?

A: This outdoor PoE wired bird box camera not only supports on-board SD card recording by inserting an MicroSD card(sold separately), and it also can rely on PC softwares or NVRs for mass local storage. Also, the camera supports ONVIF Profile-S.

Q: Can the camera be accessed on multiple mobile devices simultaneously? Namely, can other people view my camera on their own iPad or tablet etc.?

A: Yes. You only need to share your app account and password or the camera’s ID with them. They can view the camera after they install the Green-Backyard app.

Q: Can the PoE Injector be placed outside?

A: No, it’s not recommended to place the PoE injector outside. Extra protection is required for outdoor deployment. Usually the PoE injector stays next to your network router to supply both data and power to the camera.