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XtremeWiFi for Remote Wireless Camera Setup

Thanks to the development of technology, bird watchers or nature lovers are opted to install digital cameras in nest boxes or for feeders to obtain fun by viewing the fascinating secret life of birds or some other attractive wildlife with interest with no need to open the boxes or stay close to the sites. Real-time video is accessed remotely anytime anywhere by taping the mobile devices(smartphone, tablets, PC) or turning on the TV. However, for some applications, the camera may be installed at remote locations where WiFi is weak or not available. Green Backyard XtremeWiFi nest camera lets you know how to get the setup done effectively and easily.

It is known that two types of cameras are applied universally from the cabling aspect, namely wired camera and WiFi camera. And actually, the majority of consumers tend to choose WiFi box cameras because of their easier cabling and more flexible camera placement. WiFi box camera only requires running the power cable and the signal is transmitted over WiFi, saving network cabling for a clean setup.

Whereas when taking advantage of the WiFi cameras, installation distance limitation is a big problem when encountering situations that the camera plan to install at remote places where are out of reach of the main WiFi. For example, some would like to build a birdhouse with camera system or feeder with camera system at habitats or parks or forests where birds or wildlife gather most frequently as in this way, there is higher potential to view and study more species and explore more secrets of nature as well. While such places are probably far away from the homes or main buildings. In addition, according to common sense and life experience, WiFi signal transmission is susceptible to distance and obstruction, that being said, WiFi transmission range is limited significantly, and generally common indoor routers used at home or for small scale only support a maximum range of 150ft, which results in limitation on WiFi camera placement.

Simply, to get WiFi box cameras installed beyond this range, finding ways to supply a stronger or extended WiFi signal to reach a greater range is the answer. A variety of solutions opt for consumers to meet different demands and requirements, as you know that companies in this field in order to satisfy the increasing demands, new products are continuously produced. WiFi extenders, PLC adaptors, access points, routers, network bridges are some widely acceptable tools that help strengthen or extend WiFi signals to reach greater distances or get better viewing experiences. These methods also show their shortages like a short distance, tricky setup, or high investment. Moreover, it is inevitable to spend time and face difficulty to make decisions after numerous comparisons so as to choose the most suitable and compatible one before final purchase.

Green Backyard see the needs and care a lot and attempt to make remote WiFi camera setup easier and more effective. Eventually, ultra long range wireless box camera came out, and the camera is improved from different aspects, and its most attractive one is adopting the unprecedented unique XtremeWiFi technology. With this technology, WiFi box cameras allow being placed at ultra long distance locations with no hassle to add extra WiFi signal extension devices separately and complicatedly.

With XtremeWiFi technology, WiFi is capable to travel over ultra long range with higher resistance to effects caused by signal loss and obstruction between WiFi camera and main network router.

Unlike previous WiFi technology, XtremeWiFi supports extreme long range camera setup at a maximum of 800 meters or more under an open area with the light of sight. Therefore, consumers have more choice on the camera placement locations, then it is not a hard thing to do bird watching or wildlife observation at desired places where may be far away from the homes or the workshops. Besides, nature lovers also have more chances to find unknown species that differ from those are commonly seen nearby or get access to view specific species that only can be found at that remote place.

XtremeWiFi offers excellent wall penetrating capability with great utility. As you know that router generally is placed indoors, and it means WiFi signal is definitely interfered with by obstructions like walls and doors. While XtremeWiFi technology enables WiFi signal penetrates several walls and remains a good performance to stream stable high quality video, which is viewed on mobile devices or TV smoothly.

The setup is easy and fast. WiFi signal that is supplied from the home router goes through the specially designed transmitter and receiver simply and stably. Green backyard ultra long range wireless camera generally with a built-in transmitter to deliver bird or wildlife video, only need to get the receiver powered and connected to the home router. What’s more, two power options are provided. Choose to power with an adaptor by plugging into a nearby AC power outlet. Or use PoE power solution by running one network cable to transmit both power and network to the receiver simultaneously, eliminating extra AC power outlet. And in this way, it is easier to place the receiver near a window so as to reduce the obstruction wall effect and obtain better WiFi.

To achieve optimum flexibility on camera replacement and diversity on applications, Green Backyard’s WiFi cameras allow working with motorcycle battery or solar panel battery power system to realize a wire-free setup.

Having known how to solve long distance WiFi box cameras for bird watching or wildlife observation, it is time to select the suitable one accordingly.

There are a number of choices that vary from the way to view the camera, including 3MP Wireless TV Bird Box Camera(3MP ultra high quality video is viewed on TV easily); Long Range Wireless Outdoor IP Bird Box Camera(watch 3MP clear video via mobile devices, like smartphone, tablets, PC); and the one that allows the user to watch birds or wildlife on TV via voice-controlled Alexa or Google Home virtual assistants conveniently.

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