Professional live streaming bird watcher

Choose HD Wired Bird Box Cameras to Meet High-Quality Birding

Stable 24/7 Continuous Operation over Wired Connection

Wired connections always do better in video streams with high stability as they encounter few interferences than WiFi.

Green Backyard’s wired bird box cameras are a best-suited option for professional bird watching demanding 24/7 continued video streaming at 3MP super HD image quality, for example, the Youtubers who want to live stream bird activities from laying eggs, feeding, and fledgling to flying.

Onvif Bird Box Cameras with High Openness for Easier Integration

Onvif-compatible wired birdhouse cameras offer great openness to third-party recording software or NVRs. It means you can integrate the bird box cameras into an existing surveillance system from different brands more compatibly and conveniently.

Exclusive Waterproof Bird Box Cameras

The majority of consumers always neglect the importance of water resistance. And the truth is that the bird box cameras are mainly broken due to water or moisture ingress.

We Green Backyard has seen the necessity of waterproof bird box cameras to withstand rain and moisture for extended service life. The exclusive waterproof IP66-rated bird box cameras have come out now.

The waterproof means fully waterproof designs are applied, including the lens, and the antenna, protecting the cameras from the damage of ingress of water. The waterproof bird box cameras can also use for outdoor harsh environments, which are sure to be a superior option for building reliable bird box camera systems.

Invisible Infrared Night Vision

Green Backyard launched bird box cameras that support night vision to enable 24/7 recording.

Equipped with 940nm invisible infrared LEDs, when low light is detected, the night vision will turn on automatically, allowing to capture bird activities during the day and night without disturbing birds.

Specific models are even equipped with white light LEDs to supply daylight lighting mode, which can be turned on or off, as a result, you can get improved image quality under low light conditions during the daytime.

Quick and Convenient Cabling over PoE

Taking advantage of PoE cabling, the nest box cameras receive power and network over a single Ethernet cable, offering quick and handy installation. You don’t need to power the birdhouse camera separately by plugging it into a nearby AC outlet.

PoE connection comes with a maximum of 300ft transmission distance, but if greater distances are needed, you can turn to PoE extender for help.

Enhanced Mic Retains Birds’ High Pitch Sounds

Birds’ sound is a crucial part of birding results by using a bird box camera. Since bird sounds are generally in a high pitch, Green Backyard is not only equipped with a built-in microphone to record bird sounds, and the audio capability of our bird box cameras has been upgraded, which is able to capture frequency for up to 3500hz, so the audio performance is drastically enhanced.