Provide the cloud ID of your nest box camera for remote diagnostics

We will be able to remote check the camera if you allow us. The camera needs to be online. If you can’t access the camera, we will be unable to access the camera either.

We will need the camera’s cloud ID and the password you have saved to the camera to remote access the camera. If you never added the password to the camera, it will be empty without password. It is not the password of Green Backyard. It is the password you saved to the camera.

Please follow the instruction below to find the camera’s ID on the Green Backyard.

1.In the live page, click the wheel icon on the top right screen.

2.Next go to the last option About

3.Now find the copy icon on the right after QR code. Press the copy icon to get the QR code

4.Paste the QR code and send together with camera’s password to us, We will be able to check the camera remotely.