4 Methods to connect birdhouse camera on Mac

Nowadays, anyone can install IP technology-based birdhouse camera and spy the bird activities on the mobile phone, tablet, PC computer. However, view the bird box on the apple Mac OS could be a little bit tricks. We have covered all the possible solutions here from directly URL like RTSP command to more sophisticated solution like Mac software.

It is important to be aware that analog CCTV camera like wireless camera can’t be accessed directly by Mac. Actually it can’t be access by any other IP devices without involving digital encoder. The analog signal needs to be digitalized before entering in the IP devices such our smart phone. Digital video recorder (DVR) is the typical device to digitalize the analog wireless bird box camera. However, the image quality may be compromised after being digitized.

These below methods are suitable for the IP (WiFi) birdhouse cameras from Green-Backyard, Gardenature, Oertl, Green-feathers, and Handykam.

Here are solutions to watch birdhouse on the Mac.

  • VLC player

The VLC player is free open source software which allow you to view the camera on Mac. You can watch the live video directly. You can even hear the audio from the birdhouse if your camera has built-in microphone. You can even record the live video and save as avi files to your Mac. There is function such as digital zoom available with VLC player. The downside of VLC player method is you can’t manipulate the camera. Only live video are available with player. You can’t watch the video either when you are on travel with your Mac unless you have tweaked the port forwarding setting on your router. The RTSP command could be different from different suppliers. The below is the RTSP command from Green-Backyard’s WiFi birdhouse camera.

Example: rtsp:// (replace the IP address)

This is the general steps to use RTSP steaming with VLC player.

1. First, go to the playlist and double click the RTSP URL to view the live video.

2. Next find the “open network” under the files and mark the “Stream output”.

3. Now go to the “Settings” next to “Stream output”, choose the file folder, and MPEG4 for Encapsulation Method. Next click “OK” to save.

4. In the next screen, Click “Cancel” to return to the live video, don’t click “Open”.

5. Now go to the Playback and click the record. Then Click “Record” again, the files will be saved to the folder.

6. Now click the “Open file” under the file and choose the video files to playback.

  • Free VMS software

If you want to have full control with birdhouse camera, such as watching the birdhouse when you are from different locations, you can’t do much better than VMS. This is the free Mac software providing by Green-Backyard. Currently we have release beta Mac OS software, you may test the software with your birdhouse camera. We don’t guarantee the software will work perfectly with your Mac OS. You will download and install the software manually as it is not available in the Mac Store. Fortunately, our Green-backyard will provide detailed instruction.

This software supports P2P connection which means you don’t need to change the setting on your router, you will be able to watch the camera remotely. If you have chosen WiFi birdhouse camera that supports micro SD card recording, you can download and view the recording files on the Mac. Once the video is downloaded to the Mac, it can be shared to friends or family easily in1080p high definition video quality. The below is the screenshot of the software.

  • SecuritySpy

The SecuritySpy is a paid software. SecuritySpy is good, reliable and works extremely well on Mac OS. It allows you to easily monitor your birdhouse camera wherever you are, from your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. As this is the 3rd party software. You will need to make sure your birdhouse camera is compatible with SecuritySpy. The Onvif is the protocols which can be use to integrate the camera video with SecuritySpy.

SecuritySpy provides 30 days free trial, so you do have enough time to test it before you made the purchase. As the Onvif protocols basically cover the video and audio, you defintely can’t access the recording files from camera’s micro SD card by using the SecuritySpy. The biggest investment will be the Mac OS, because you will need to keep the Mac OS 24/7 running if you want the features like instant notifications of motion events. All the video will go through SecuritySpy before passing to your moible phone or tablet.

  • Synology NAS station

Synology NAS is the online driver for data storage which is designed to provide a solution of file storage and sharing in your home or commercial environment. The good thing is the Synology NAS has web-based operation system (DSM) built-in which can be accessed directly by Mac and other OS and Synology NAS has default plugins which can take in the IP based bird box camera. There is workarounds to view the camera on the Mac. Simliar as Securtiyspy, you will need to integrate the bird box camera to Synology NAS station. There are two ways to connect the camera to Mac, either by using the Onvif protocols or the RTSP command. The below is the example to use the RTSP command to connect the bird box camera to Synology NAS.

Once you complete the setting, the camera will start live streaming to the NAS, and you can access the camera on your Mac thru the NAS. At the same time, the video will be recorded to the hardrive inside the NAS. Just be aware that the bird box camera could take up your harddrive space very soon. One 1080p bird box camera needs 1TB for 30 days recording. The Synology NAS also forwards the live video to your mobile phone, however, I don’t recommend you to take this way, because it has very seriously delay. I guess the reason is synology needs to transcode before forwarding the video. The synology is good at recording, the files are saved in mp4 format which can be shared and uploaded to social platform.