Reduce the data rate of your birdhouse camera to adopt to the weak WiFi network.

The WiFi nest box camera requires very good WiFi coverage around the nest box. If the WiFi signal is not good, you may experience the choppy video. The camera only can have mini antenna to fit into the birdhouse. You can test the WiFi signal with your mobile phone. The PLC powerline adapter is the handy tools to improve the WiFi signal.

You also can change the compression, resolution, frame per second and image quality to reduce the bandwidth requirement. You will need PC or Mac software to change the camera’s encoding setting.

Compression: H.264/H.265.

The H.265 is more aggressive compression which will reduce the data rate most of the case, however while there is significant change in the image, the compression is not so effective as it expects.

Resolution: 720p/1080p

The higher the resolution, the more bandwidth will need. Switching to 720p resolution could reduce the bandwidth significantly.

Frame per second: 1-25fps.

The camera is capable of providing 25 frame per second under the ideal network connection. The camera is pre-set to 6 frame per second. The higher frame per second, the much bandwidth will need.

Image quality. Excellent – Worse.

The general is the optimal choose for most of the situation. If you use the excellent, it may cause the choppy video even under the good network connection.