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2.1 Connect the camera

You will need to wire the camera from the bird box to the HDMI box. The 3-in-one camera will carry video, audio, and power between the camera and the HDMI box. There is no need to acquire the power source near the bird box.

Before installing the camera in your birdhouse, wire it up inside the house and test the whole system, make sure everything work as it should be.

1Firstly, Connect the one end of the 20 meters 3-in-one cable to the bird box camera.

2.Next Connect the splitter to another end of the 3-in-one cable

3. Then attach the yellow RCA to the CVBS input on the HDMI box, and white RCA to the L audio input

4. Next, connect your TV and the HDMI box with an HDMI cable.

5. Now connect the DC12V power adapter to a 3-in-one cable to power up the camera.

6. IMPORTANT! Connect the DC5V power adapter to the HDMI box. Don’t power the HDMI box with a DC12V power adapter, otherwise, it will fire the HDMI box

7. Lastly, go to the TV and switch to the corresponding HDMI input as the source. You should see the live video from the camera.

If you only see the blue screen with no video, please set the camera mode and make sure it output CVBS.

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