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3.1 Install Hard Driver

The decoder not only can decode the video and output to HDMI TV but also accepts SATA hard drive to record the video from a bird box camera. The hard drive is NOT included in the package. It is important to know you will need to order the SATA data/power cable to connect hard drives to the decoder. The power supply units also need to be upgraded to 2A DC12V. The original power adapter units may not be strong enough to supply power for the hard drive. Please disconnect the power and other connection when you try to install the hard drive.

1.Firstly, please take off 4 screws on the up-level around the decoder, then remove the top cover.

2.Next connect the SATA power/data cable to the motherboard.

3.Remove the cap and place both cable through the letout notch.

4.Now connect the SATA power/data to your harddriver. The hard driver needs to leave outside of the decoder

5.Power up the decoder again, wait for a while minute, the decoder will detect the hard driver and ‘format’screen will pop up. Click OK to format the hard driver.

The decoder will start recording automatically after you install the hard driver. There is no need to turn on the recording manually.

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