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Digital 1080p HDMI Wired Bird Box Camerais an advanced and easy to use device for bird lovers to watch birds with clear detail conveniently and freely at home without going outside.

Set this mini camera in your custom bird box with easy connection to any HDMI monitor, you are able to enjoy various bird activities at 1080p easily and remotely. Quick installation, high resolution, handy birding solution.

This mini HDMI camera suits for placing into majority of custom small bird boxes to capture overall details of birds nesting inside the boxes via adjustable wide angle lens-all in full 1080p high definition with easy plug and play wiring, providing highly convenience on installation and reliability on video streaming.

This bird box camera kit includes a HDMI converter so that you are able to watch on TV directly or any compatible HDMI monitors without complicate configuration and operation on app or other mobile devices, just plug and see, which is ideal choice for the senior bird watchers.

Furthermore, it features and invisible infrared LEDs to support night vision for day and night continuous live streaming and recording at a clear definition without hooking the birds.

With the combination of external little speakers(not included), true to life audio of the lovely birds is available conveniently.

It is a handy bird watching system ideal for enthusiast and professional nature watchers, which comes with a 3-year warranty.