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2.5.2 Add Surge Protector

Not only the water but also the surge could damage the camera. If the lighting hit the camera, it will fire the camera without any doubt. However, the chance is small being hit by the lighting. The lighting may hit the ground and observed by the power cord, eventually travel to the camera damage the power system.

Adding the surge protector to next to your camera can cancel or reduce the surge. The PoE surge protector is passive. There is no need power.

You will need to crimp the Ethernet cable before you can use with surge protector. The pre-made Ethernet cable can’t pass through the crimp.

Firstly pass the Ethernet cable to the input of the surge protector.

Next, pass the output of surge protector to the camera.

Now crimp both end and connect to surge protector.

Finally, you can ground the surge protector.

Ground the surge protector can introduce the surge to the ground. Even you are unable to find the ground spot. The surge protector still can absorb part of the surge inline.

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