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5.1 Offline and Power

If the camera is offline, please follow the instruction below to check the camera.

1. Firstly, You can unplug the power adapter and put it back. These operations will force the camera to reboot. Now you wait for several minutes, then you login the iCSee app, see whether this operation can bring the camera back online.

2. If this issue persists, you will need to check all the cable connections. If you have a power meter, you can measure the power output at the pigtail of the camera. These operations can make sure the camera is getting the power.

The above solution should avoid disturbing the birds. If both ways don’t work out, you may need to wait until the birds left, and take the camera off.

1. Once you have the camera, please power up the camera and listen closely, see whether you can hear the camera making any clicks or not? You suppose to hear the camera making clicking sound a couple seconds after you power up the camera. That is very important because it means the camera has booted up successfully. The click sounds is the last step during the camera’s boot up.

2. If there is no clicks sound, please bring the camera to the very dark place, and use your mobile phone’s camera to shoot to the front of the nest box camera, see whether you can find the 4 purple dots or not.

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