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2.1.1 Solar Battery Power Camera

You should wire a DC power cord to the closed outlet for continuous powering the camera. 10 meters of DC power extension cable is included in the package. You can place the power adaptor 10 meters far from your nest box. The camera uses DC12V which is safe.

You also can use the solar panel. The camera consumes about 135mA. The below is the specification we recommend.

Battery: 20AH DC12V

Solar: 60W

The solar panel system usually includes a battery pack, solar panel, and solar panel controller. You may experience a blackout sometimes while there is continuous rain for several days. The camera will resume automatically after the battery pack gets charge with sunshine.

If you pick the lower specification solar panel, you may see the backout sooner because the battery pack is not enough to save energy for the cloudy day.

Before you move ahead with the solar panel solution, please estimate the installation spot. The solar panel needs to face the sunshine, you need to see whether it has the good sight to face the sun during the day or not. The trees could reduce the sunshine landing on the solar panels.

It is better to use the battery pack with DC12V regulated power, However, the camera is also ok to work with a car battery which is rang from 11.6V-13.8V.

Can I use the battery pack without a solar panel?

Yes, you can use the car battery 20AH DC12V, and work with an optional power cord. You will need to recharge the battery again in 4-5 days. The battery pack is a cost-effective and reliable solution. It doesn’t depend on the sunshine, but you will need to constantly recharge the battery. The extension power cord is being sold separately.

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