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Nest building, birds feeding their child, the fledgling fight, even the first eggs laid, so many activities waiting for you to discover. With green-backyard IP bird box camera, you will be able to watch the live on your mobile phone or iPad. Simple press the record button, the video will be saved to your mobile phone. Unlike analog bird box camera, Green-backyard IP bird box cameras deliver true high-def image and let you explore every detail inside the bird box. The sister model WiFi bird box camera can be connected to your home network over WiFi signal. It could save a hole-punching on the wall. What you need is only the power cable to the camera or our rechargeable lithium battery box

Backyard birding brings you more than just entertainment. With fresh water and bird seed, you can make your backyard a bird haven. Green-Backyard wildlife cameras provide the simple way to watch the birds and the other wildlife. It is complete bird watching system in a single device. The IP technology allows you to do the birding on your mobile phone over the network. You don’t miss any interested moments even you are traveling around the country. Would like to discover mystery of the nature in an easy way?