Watch Birds on Mobile Phone

When Bird Watching Goes Online

Never miss out on any avian visitors in your backyard! 24/7 continuous live stream on your smartphone with unique close-ups.

Watch Birds on Mobile Phone

Exclusive waterproof WiFi bird box cameras help bird watchers to get a close-up viewing of nesting birds on smartphones and tablets remotely. The invisible IR night vision permits the capture of bird activities during the day and night. Fully IP66-rated waterproof design including the lens and the antenna meant to withstand rain and moisture, outdoor use suited.

HD Live Feed or Local Storage

HD Bird Cameras with Audio

3MP super HD colored images show details of birds along with true-to-life sounds, giving extreme performance.

Micro SD Card Recording

The motion-activated video recording allows you to collect every precious moment and have effective playback.

Easy and Flexible Setup

Handy WiFi Connectivity

WiFi nest box cameras are a preference in virtue of convenience——no need to drill holes and wire long network cable through the house.

Battery Powering Optional

You can choose batteries as the power source, just need a handy purchase on our compatible battery cables.

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